We provide tech-lead solutions to
our clients and customers

As a digital revolution is transforming the insurance industry, SBS Insurance Services is at the forefront of disrupting existing models – combining technology and innovative solutions, with real in-house expertise, and supported by a UK-wide field force of technical specialists.



For almost 20 years, SBS has been a successful household insurance claims specialist together with partners across the insurance industry. Each year we help around 100k customers and we consistently score NPS over 80.


Award winning, agile and privately owned – we are renowned for delivering fast, tech-led solutions for customers and clients. In 2016, we won the British Insurance Award for Technology – and in 2017, we won the BIA Claims Initiative of the Year Award.


Our role is to work with insurance companies to put our customers back in the position they were in before their loss, as quickly as possible. Our priority is to keep our customers informed of the progress of the claim and make sure that they always know ‘what happens next’.


Our UK-wide network of suppliers means we can bring our services to our customers’ doorstep. Our success is the result of our ability to deliver fast and convenient services to customers at the time and place convenient for them – whether that is to repair or restore an item in their home or deliver a replacement product.